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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the group's system of corporate governance and is ultimately accountable for the group's activities, strategy, risk management and financial performance. The board believes that good governance involves the clarity of roles and responsibilities, and the proper utilisation of distinct skills and processes. The most important tasks of the Board of Management are defining corporate strategy, setting the budget and allocating corporate resources. The Board also publishes annual financial statements for the Group companies and makes key staff appointments.

The fundamental elements of Sahana Group's corporate governance system are: its two-tier system, with a transparent and effective separation of company management and supervision between Sahana's Board of Directors and the Corporate Executive Team. Effective and transparent corporate governance guarantees that Sahana Group is managed and monitored in a responsible manner focused on value creation. This fosters the confidence of our domestic and international investors, the financial markets, our customers and other business partners, employees, and the public in Sahana Group.

Management Team

The stability of any enterprise lies in the competence of its top management. Our Top Management Team is responsible for the group's strategic direction, talent development and financial performance. The team is dedicated to building a group that nourishes the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. It represent a diverse collection of experience both inside and outside of Sahana Group, each of them has a strong track record of leading people to achieve results. Together, they are working to make Sahana Group the most trusted partner in Realty, Aviation, Media and Hospitality.

As the executive organ of the Sahana Group, Top Management is committed to serving the interests of the entire enterprise and achieving a sustained increase in corporate value. The day-to-day management of the Group's business is taken care of by our Top Management.

Top Management also ensures that the Board of Directors receives regular, timely and comprehensive information on all matters relating to Sahana Group's planning, business development and risk management. The members of the Top Management are jointly responsible for the entire Sahana Group and decide on the basic issues of business policy and corporate strategy.



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