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Suhan Aviation

At Suhan Aviation, we have been providing a luxurious travel experience to our corporate clients since our inception in January 2012. With the state of art premier helicopter Sikorsky S 76 C++ flown by our highly experienced crew Suhan Aviation ensures a seamless, safe and delightful experience for our customers.

We, at Suhan Aviation believe that time is priceless. We believe that convenience means more than getting to meetings in out-of-the-way locations. It means more than being able to work on-board in total security and privacy. It means more than being well-rested and at your best when you arrive. Some of India's top companies, industrialists, politicians and celebrities are our clients who value the flexibility and time saved.

Suhan Aviation provides Corproate and Luxurious Travel Experience
Suhan Aviation provides you with

Safety and Security
At Suhan Aviation, the safety and security of our clients is highest priority. We have the highest standards of safety, training and maintenance.

Flexibility and Control
Customised packages also allow you to pick the time and destination of your choice. Chartering with Suhan Aviation puts you in control to ensure that you arrive and depart at times that suit you best.

Comfort and Privacy
You can visit several locations in a day, and return to your home the same day. Convenience by chartering from Suhan Aviation means you travel safe, sooner, rested and in time to enjoy the important things in life.


  • Corporate Charters

  • Tourism

  • Mapping and Geophysical Surveys

  • Aviation Support for Film Production

  • Special Events


The Sikorsky S 76 C++ helicopter is a state of the art helicopter with proven performance, quiet comfort and spacious cabin interiors, enhanced safety and dispatch reliability. It provides luxurious executive seating for up to six passengers and is equipped with in flight entertainment system.

Suhan Aviation ensures highest standards of safety and maintenance standards thereby providing the customer with a memorable experience. The helicopter was manufactured in 2008 and registered in India in March 2009. It has flown about 1500 Hours.

THE SIKORSKY S76C++ A State of The Art Helicopter

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